Dance Classes

CREATIVE MOVEMENT (ages 3 and 4)
A forty-five minute long creative dance class for young dancers, introducing basic dance movement through music and rhythm, the use of scarves, hoops, balls, tambourines, and more. Dancers will begin to learn and understand basic ballet terminology.



This class prepares the young dancer for an easier time in the beginning of serious dance study. The classical ballet terminology will be used frequently. Dancers should bring a smile and their ballet shoes.

* Ballet is focused upon in Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet because it is the basis for all forms of dance. Focus upon one discipline allows the young dancer to properly attain correct placement and terminology, before moving on to the other types of dance.



Dancers will learn classical technique, and proper ballet behavior. Dancers are introduced to the rigors of pointe work through preparatory exercises. Class will consist of barre, adagio, allegro, pointe, and stretch- ballet shoes, and pointe shoes, if applicable. Students must be at least 11 years of age to start pointe, unless noted by instructor.



By instructor invitation- students must be enrolled in at least two other dance classes to attend workshop in addition to the invitation.  Dancers will engage in an hour and a half long class, and given a chance to learn famous repertoire. This class must be taken by the committed only as it is where character roles for our yearly performance are created. Advanced students only, and must be enrolled in another technique discipline. Be prepared to learn about dance and its partner- ACTING!! Workshop is not the class for you if a Saturday commitment cannot be made for the year. Please understand that technical ability is a must along with speed, agility and eagerness to learn.


Dancers will learn about Classical and Broadway techniques, while also exploring its roots-African jazz dance. We will explore different jazz ideas from master teachers such as Giordano, Luigi, and of course a little bit of Broadway. Students should be prepared to move fast and get sweaty! Jazz shoes required.


Originally created as a rebel against ballet, modern is done with bare feet. Dancers will enjoy twisting, curving, rebounding, and releasing while exploring the different modern techniques. The floor is used often, and is thought of as a silent partner. This form of dance can take many shapes- soft and fluid, or rigid and fast. Modern technique is often used by many ballet choreographers, and has become very popular. African Dance technique will also be explored, as a sect of modern.


This is a style of dance that has taken on many forms over the last few years. We will focus on learning the proper technique while learning some of the clean movements that are found on MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, and more. Clean popular songs and movements will be used. Jazz sneakers or jazz shoes are to be worn.


These classes focus on musical phrasing and the complexity of rhythms, the challenge of "making melodies" with the feet.


CHARACTER (ages 13+)

Students will learn traditional and non-traditional folk repertoire.  Participation requires previous dance experience and a clear understanding of music.  Character shoes required.



Students will learn traditional jazz, ballet, and modern movements fused together in a way that is considered contemporary.  Must have experience in either ballet or modern.  Contact improvisation will be used in class.


ACRO/JAZZ (ages 5-8)

Students will combine both the fundamentals of gymnastics and jazz in this fun and energetic class.


*Class offerings are subject to change.


* The dress code is for the safety of all children and adults dancing. We need to see your muscles and their movements. Please see the instructor if you have any questions.


Creative Movement/Pre-Ballet/Ballet/Pointe - any color leotard with black or pink tights convertible tights are preferred for those in pointe shoes.  Hair must be in a bun.  Please do not come in a costume; tutus are acceptable for 6 year-olds and under.  Boys- white shirt with black bottoms and black/white slippers.


Modern/Character/Contemporary - any color leotard with tights rolled up, or jazz pants.  Hair in a braid or bun.  Boys- any color shirt with jazz pants, or athletic shorts.


Jazz - any color leotard with jazz pants and jazz shoes.  Hair in a braid or bun.  Boys- any color shirt with jazz pants, or athletic shorts.


Hip Hop - Leotards, jazz pants, yoga pants, athletic shorts, tees, jazz shoes/dance sneakers are all acceptable no baggy sweats or street clothing. Hair in a braid or bun.


Tap - leotards, jazz pants, form fitting tees and tap shoes are acceptable, hair in a braid or bun.


Studio Prices
30/40/45-minute class$43/ month

50-60-75 minute class $46/month

90 minute classes $48/month

*$20 registration fee per student

*multi-class and sibling discounts will be applied


Payments are due the first dance class of EACH month. Payments not received by the 15th will incur a late fee of $10 per month late. Payments received after the 20th of the month will incur a $15 late fee.  A $25 fee for returned checks. Payments can be made in cash (in an envelope with the student(s) name) or by check made payable to Alton Dance Academy. Please have the students name on the check. There are no refunds for missed classes. You may attend another class to make-up the missed class.